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Green roof Montana
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Max-Tite Metal Specalties builds Western Montana’s most-sustainable roofs.

Max-Tite Metal Specialties has been at the forefront of sustainable roof construction in Western Montana for more than four decades. Green roofs (or living roofs) offer an economical solution for a modern and environmentally friendly design aesthetic. Like metal roofs, green roofs are a viable option in fire-risk areas helping lower homeowner insurance costs.




Green flat roof Montana
a sustainable solution

Not only contributing to urban greening and neighborhood biodiversity, green roofs are attributed to reduced stormwater runoff, improved air quality, and landfill diversion as they extend the life of flat (low-slope) membrane roofing. For the homeowner, the insulation offered by green roofs also reduces the amount of energy needed to moderate building temperatures in extreme cold and heat, reduces outside noise by 40 decibels, and serves as fire retardant with a lower burn heat load than other roofs.

Building green roof Montana
a natural barrier

The success of green roofs is the strength and durability of the waterproof membrane beneath the soil. We build our green roof projects with the best-available flat roofing materials offered in residential and commercial building. We are an EPDM membrane-certified installer for low-slope building projects and offer Firestone and Burke’s manufacturer warranties. The soil and vegetation that crown the green roof offer further protection above the membrane level, from damaging ultraviolet rays and heavy rain and snow.

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If you are an architect, general contractor or owner interested in building a green roof for your residential or commercial project in and around Missoula, Montana, please contact us below. We look forward to offering you the Max-Tite experience. Customer satisfaction, long-term value, and relationship building are our guarantee.

Call Max-Tite Metal Specialties at 406-728-7567 or email us below. 

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