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Montana roof expert Stan Howard


Max-Tite Metal Specialties offers roofing expertise and reliability.

While roofs only make up about 2% of construction costs, water intrusion accounts for more than 70% of construction litigation. Additionally, 40% of all building-related problems are due to water intrusion primarily caused by roof failures.

Owner and operator of Max-Tite Metal Specialties since 1988, Stan Howard has been building roofs in Western Montana for more than four decades. Known for his skill, expertise, and business integrity in the flat and metal roofing industry, Stan continually consults with architects and general contractors on commercial and residential projects. And for insurance companies and attorneys looking for a neutral consultant in roofing claims and litigation, he is a reliable consultant on roofing issues offering:

  • Roof inspection services for commercial and residential flat roofs (low-slope roofs) and metal roofs

  • Insurance claim estimates

  • Roof failure and damage finding reports

  • Court testimony of findings

  • Reasonable hourly rates

Max Tite Metal Specialties logo


If you need a reliable roofing expert in the Missoula area, please contact Stan at the information below.  He looks forward to meeting you.

Call Max-Tite Metal Specialties at 406-728-7567 or email us below. 

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