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Western Montana's expert roofing company
building roofs that last for generations

ILocally owned and operated in Missoula, Montana, for more than four decades by roofing expert Stan Howard. 

Max-Tite Metal Specialties is the long-time roofing partner of architects, general contractors and homeowners to build and maintain premier properties — from modern homes to local commercial buildings.

Each roof deserves a custom solution. Unfortunately, most do not receive one. As a result, most roofs fail far sooner than they should. The most common factor that leads to roof failure is improper installation, resulting in water intrusion. 


Stan and his experienced team build roofs that last for generations — ensuring proper, custom installation for each project that delivers best-in-class craftsmanship and professional integrity. Our customers have never replaced our roofs because of failure.  

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Modern flat and green roofs (using certified rubber membrane roofing) as well as high-quality metal and slate roofs are our specialty. Our roofs are built with dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship. Initial investment in our roofs provides homeowners long-time value and sustainability.



We have built and maintained many of Missoula's iconic commercial roofs, using industry-leading EPDM rubber roofing and custom detail at a competitive price.



Owned and operated by Stan Howard, Max-Tite Metal Specialties is Western Montana’s premier roofing company located in Missoula. We specialize in flat and green roofs and high-quality metal roof fabrication and installation. With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, we offer the finest quality materials and craftsmanship that easily outlast the typical pitched asphalt roof and thermal plastic (TPO) flat roofing system.

We offer both warrantied low-slope roofing systems for commercial and modern residential building projects using low-slope taper systems and single-ply rubber membrane systems as well as well as steep-slope roofing for pitched roofs using high-quality, custom-fabricated metal including copper and zinc.


Environmentally friendly design and fabrication are at the forefront of our business practices. We use sustainable materials that far outlast other roofing materials on the market and provide long-term value for the customer. Quality materials combined with our decades of roofing experience deliver clients custom roofing solutions that last for decades.  

We are always committed to making clients’ roofs last as long as possible through regular maintenance and our roof repair services. For example, because of regular maintenance we’ve kept the roofs of the Good Food Store and Peak Health and Wellness Center lasting well beyond a quarter of a century, saving the owners from untimely and costly re-roofing projects.


roof expert Missoula Stan Howard

Stan Howard began his roofing career in 1978 and purchased Max-Tite Metal Specialties and Missoula Roofing in 1988. Stan has roofed buildings and homes across the Northwest and offers his expertise to architects and homeowners to help them determine the best roofing solutions for their projects. He also serves as an expert consultant for insurance companies and attorneys for roofing claims and litigation. 

Stan was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, and attended the University of Montana. He and his wife Elizabeth have three sons. In his spare time, Stan loves to ski the Rocky Mountains, water ski on Flathead Lake (when his boat is working), and bird hunt with his two loyal flat-coated retrievers.

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