Premier roofer building flat, green and metal roofs from Missoula, Montana.


Flat, green, metal and slate roofs are our residential specialty. Our roofs are built with dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.



We have built and maintain many of Missoula's iconic commercial roofs, using industry-leading materials and custom detail at a reasonable price.



Owned and operated by Stan Howard, Max-Tite Metal Specialties is western Montana’s premier roofing company located in Missoula, specializing in flat, green and metal roofs. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we offer the finest quality materials and craftsmanship that easily outlast the typical asphalt roof.

We offer both low-slope roofing for commercial and modern residential building projects and steep-slope roofing for pitched roofs using metal, slate or wood shingles.

Our custom metal roofs are crafted in our portable sheet metal shop. While most metal roofing companies use prefabricated paneled roofing from a supplier, we do not. Our materials come direct from the manufacturer, saving the client time and money as well as preventing third-party installation failure that can result in roof leaks, water damage and a shorter roof life. We work with steel, zinc or copper to produce variable-width roofing, siding and trim that we custom fit to ensure tight seams and resilience in all weather conditions — providing superior durability over third-party-installed prefab panels. Our on-site custom system also allows us to work to any design specification the homeowner or architect prefers — offering flexibility and creativity that is not available from standard roofers.

Our green or living roofs are at the forefront of sustainable building in western Montana. These stunning roofs are an economical solution for a modern and environmentally friendly design aesthetic. Like low-slope and metal roofs, green roofs are a viable option in fire-risk areas helping lower homeowner insurance costs.

We also offer the best-available commercial membrane roofing and Firestone and Burke’s manufacturer warranties. Through the years, we have worked on many of Missoula’s most recognized commercial buildings and projects including the Wilma, the Millennium Building, First Security Bank building downtown, St. Patrick’s Hospital helipad, the Peak Health and Wellness Center, the Good Food Store, Har Shalom Synagogue, Holy Spirit Episcopal Church and the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.

We are committed to making clients’ roofs last as long as possible through regular maintenance and repair. For example, because of regular maintenance we’ve kept the roofs of the Good Food Store and Peak Health and Wellness Center lasting well beyond a quarter of a century, saving the owners from untimely and costly re-roofing projects.

About Stan

Stan Howard began his roofing career in 1978 and purchased Max-Tite Metal Specialties and Missoula Roofing in 1988. Stan has roofed buildings and homes across the Northwest and offers his expertise to architects and homeowners to help them determine the best roofing solutions for their projects.

Stan was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, and attended the University of Montana. He and his wife Elizabeth have three sons. In his spare time, Stan loves to ski the Rocky Mountains, water ski on Flathead Lake (when his boat is working), and bird hunt with his two loyal flat-coated retrievers.



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